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Here are some of the questions you might be asking:

  • what size?
  • what make?
  • where can we keep it?
  • where can we go with it?
  • how do we get it there?
  • what do we do about all the paperwork?
  • should we buy new or secondhand?
  • can we buy tax free?
  • can we or should we charter?
  • how do we certify and licence our vessel?

As professional marine agents specialising in motor cruisers and powerboats, we can help you through what can sometime be the frustrating process of aquiring a boat. As totally independent agents we can act on your behalf at any stage of purchase to ensure you end up with the boat that suits you, whether new or secondhand.

We have a very good working relationship with ALL arms of the marine industry, including manufacturers, distributors, dealers, brokers, insurance companies, marine mortgage houses and banks, equipment suppliers, engine and structural surveyors.

Our charges SAVE you money. Give us your outline requirements and we'll give you a quote. It is as simple as that.

Contact us for more information.